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Engagements; Weddings; Farewell Services; Naming Ceremonies; New Beginnings & more...

From personally supporting you on your journey, to guiding you in designing your life / love celebrations, to delivering the special ceremony, I am here with you throughout the process.


EnVisioning Your Big Event

EnVisioning Your Big Relationship

(Y)Our Vision Workshops are magical! You get to dream big! We dig into your current reality... and then we work/play together, using intuition and other smart stuff! we identify how to bring your dream to life!


Meaningful & Joyous Celebrations

Meaningful & joyous Relationships

I offer tailored guidance and support for your significant life transition making it a truly transformational journey.


My intention is to minimise the stress and pressures usually associated with special occasions. Instead, I work with you to amplify love and joy through guiding you to focus on the significance of the occasion and to celebrate its essence.

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"Siobhan draws people like a magnet and her effervescence energises others.

She handles all situations with aplomb and grace, whether they require high energy or quiet dignity.

She has a lifetime of experiences under her belt , equipping her to deal with any and all occasions".

Heather and Richard, New Zealand


"Siobhan is the natural essence of joy, the kind of person who lights up a room and finds the light in the darkest rooms of life.

This comes from her own journey through dark times that has equipped her with a strength and empathy that enables her to connect with others in good times and bad.

Siobhan is always supportive, heart-centred and fun! She's my first choice to organise every type of celebration for my nearest and dearest. Truly recommended".

Marie, peru

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Joy is not in things... it is in us!




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